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Product Detail
Rotary door body foaming equipment
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Rotary door body foaming equipment

Product Details

Product introduction:

The foaming line is a rotary (hub type) seven (eight) station door foaming equipment, which is mainly used for door foaming of refrigerator (cabinet). It is composed of main frame, rotating frame, foaming mold base, hydraulic drive, positioning, mold opening and closing system, injection transfer system, variety identification system, supporting hydraulic system, electric control system, etc.

The foaming line consists of manual taking and placing of workpieces, automatic return filling, rotary mold closing, oil cylinder mold locking, completion of curing, oil cylinder unlocking, lower mold base falling to the original position for mold opening, and the operator can take out the finished door body

Each formwork of the fixture is heated by water. Die clamping is safe and reliable, die changing is convenient and fast, and is suitable for multi variety flexible production. The production line has the characteristics of small floor area, compact structure and simple operation.

Note technical parameters:

Overall dimension (length) × wide × Height: about 6000 × five thousand and five hundred × 4600mm

Number of jobs: 7 (8)

Fixture template size (L) × Width): 2000mm × 900mm;

Mold base closing height: 200mm

Production beat: 46s (excluding manual operation time);

Foaming medium: pol mixed cyclopentane + ISO or pol mixed 141b + ISO;

Injection mode: automatic mold opening and filling;

Heating mode: mold temperature machine water heating;

Capacitance: ~ 65kW (380V, 50Hz)

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