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Product Detail
Linear box foaming line
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Linear box foaming line

Product Details

Product introduction:

The foaming line is composed of preheating oven, power drum line, 90 ° steering gear (including box identification), two-way delivery system (including automatic nitrogen filling device), foaming fixture, automatic filling system, box outlet jacking translation machine, external mold water heating system, supporting pneumatic system, electric control system, etc.

The foaming line adopts linear layout, and each formwork of the fixture adopts water heating mode. The fixture has the function of automatic bubble plugging. The die change adopts the cylinder or manually driven connecting rod mechanism, and has the dual self-locking function of manual control and electrical control. It is suitable for box production with different length, width and height. The production line has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, compact structure, less environmental pollution, low labor intensity, small floor area, strong function, high production efficiency, multi variety flexible production and so on.

Main technical parameters:

Box specification: l: 800 ~ 2000mm; W: 450~800mm;   D: 450~900mm         

Curing time: 999s

Number of jobs: 6 ~ 8

Filling form: horizontal filling at one end of single gun head

Foaming medium: pol mixed cyclopentane + ISO or pol mixed 141b + ISO

Production beat: 30s / set (specifically determined by the number of fixtures and box curing time)

Variety and specification: it can produce 6 ~ 8 products of different specifications at the same time

Fixture lifting drive mode: motor drive

Voltage: 380V, 50Hz

Total power of production line: maximum ≤ 190kw, external power supply 24V

Compressed air source: working pressure ≥ 0.5MPa, flow about 0.1m3/min

Note: if the customer has special process requirements, it can be customized according to needs.

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