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Product Detail
Automatic forming line for front and rear panels of freezer
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Automatic forming line for front and rear panels of freezer

Product Details

Product introduction:

The forming line is mainly composed of automatic feeding machine, punching machine, bottom edge bending machine, end 90 degree bending, end r bending, blanking belt line, pneumatic system, hydraulic system and electric control system.

Main technical parameters:

Working rhythm: four groups of vents and single head temperature control products ≤ 25 seconds / piece, and other products ≤ 35 seconds / piece;

Height of equipment working face: 900mm from the ground;

Material used for workpiece: Q235A / 08F, thickness 0.5mm (equipment application range 0.45-0.55mm);

Maximum forming size of workpiece: L1500 × H800;

Minimum forming size of workpiece: L780 × H510;

Capacitance: about 35KVA (380V, 50Hz);

Gas capacity: 0.5-0.65mpa;

Note: if the customer has special process requirements, it can be customized according to needs.

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