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Product Detail
Door shell forming line
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Door shell forming line

Product Details

Product introduction:

Refrigerator (cabinet) door shell forming line is a fully automatic production line. The line is composed of feeding machine, punching machine, 90 degree bending machine, bending forming machine, blanking raceway of rib pressing forming machine, hydraulic system, pneumatic system and electric control system. This machine has the characteristics of convenient and rapid die change for products with different door shapes and models. It is suitable for many product models and high production efficiency Enterprises with high requirements.

Note technical parameters:

Number of stations: 6

Working beat: ≤ 15s / piece;

Overall dimension of production line: 14000 × three thousand × 1500mm

Workpiece size after forming: according to customer requirements

All materials of the workpiece: coated color plate or cold rolled steel plate, with a thickness of 0.45-0.6mm

Power supply: AC380V / 50Hz;

Air source: 1 / 2 "(0.5-0.65mpa);

Power: 20kw

Note: if the customer has special process requirements, it can be customized according to needs

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