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Product Detail
Door blister mold
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Door blister mold

Product Details

Punch vacuum forming is to stretch the heated and softened plate through bubble blowing, form a sealed cavity between the die and the plate, extract the air in the die cavity and form a negative pressure. The plate is adsorbed on the die surface and cooled to form the required products. The die structure is composed of die core, base, sealing plate, core pulling structure, heating system, upper and lower pressing frame, etc. The die adopts high-quality aluminum alloys ZL401 and C5 (European) materials. With high surface finish and no defects such as porosity and shrinkage porosity, the core pulling machine structure adopts precision linear guide rail and linear bearing guidance, the core pulling block adopts copper block with high thermal conductivity, and the pneumatic components adopt high-quality domestic components and imported components SMC, FESTO, etc. it is designed and manufactured by CAD / CAM, leading in China and reaching the international advanced level

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