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Product Detail
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Refrigerator freezer assembly line

Product Details

Product introduction:

The line is mainly used for pre assembly before foaming, assembly after foaming, vacuum pumping, refrigerant filling, refrigeration performance testing, assembly and packaging. The whole line has the characteristics of reasonable layout, compact structure, high degree of automation and suitable for multi product production.

Note technical parameters:

Main components:

1. Plate conveyor line

2. Unpowered drum line

3. Power roller line

4.90 ° turning machine

5. Vertical box machine

6. Jacking translation machine

7. Vacuum line

8. Hoist

9. Jacking 180 ° (90 °) rotary translation machine

10. Pneumatic system

11. Electrical control system

Other key equipment on the line

1. Vacuum pump

2. Refrigerant filling machine

3. Halogen leak detector

4. Security detector

5. Ultrasonic sealing pliers

6. Performance test system

7. Box sealing and packer

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