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Application of vacuum forming

Issuing time:2021-11-27 14:41

Vacuum molding is widely used in the production of calcium plastic ceiling decoration materials, washing machine and refrigerator shell, motor shell, art and daily necessities.

Vacuum molding

The so-called vacuum forming refers to the method of pumping the vacuum between the mold and the heated thermoforming sheet (plate) material with a vacuum pump to produce a pressure difference between the sheet (plate) material and the mold surface, so that the sheet can be closely bonded to the mold. Vacuum forming can be divided into single punch (punch), single concave die (die) and no die.


1. Single positive mold vacuum forming

Single punch vacuum forming, also known as punch vacuum forming, covers vacuum forming or vacuum forming. The process is as follows: clamp the plastic sheet with a clamping frame, and then heat it; The surface of the punch is provided with a vacuum pumping hole; After the plate softens, the clamping frame moves down or the punch moves up to stretch the plate; After the clamping frame and the punch are contacted and sealed in the circumferential direction, the punch is vacuumized, and the pressure difference makes the plate adhere to the punch surface for forming. Cooling, molding, blow molding, demoulding and trimming are the products.

2. Single die vacuum forming

Single die vacuum forming, also known as die vacuum forming, is direct or simple forming. The technological process is to clamp the plate on the die, the lower cavity of the die is provided with a small hole for vacuum pumping, and the die is both a vacuum chamber and a forming cavity. After the plate is heated and softened, the female die is vacuumized, and the pressure difference between atmospheric pressure and vacuum makes the plate stretch and form close to the cavity of the female die; After cooling and shaping, blow off and demould the plate, and the finished product is after trimming.

3. Dieless forming

Dieless vacuum forming is called dieless forming, also known as free forming. This forming method is used to blow various masks.

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